In Loving Memory of


Boomer is one of my special beasties. He was only with me for a short time, but the memories he left with me will last forever. Boomer was a 6-7 month old border collie mix. He was as sweet as can be and I loved him very much. He developed distemper (which he had encountered at the pound where I got him), soon after I brought him home. I spent two grouling weeks with this wonderful dog, vet visits and bills, hundreds of dollars in debt to find out what was wrong. 8-2-97 he began seizuring. That's when I made the decision to end his suffering. This was the hardest decision of my life. Many many things went on in my mind trying to decifer if it was the right thing to do, ultimately it was, and I knew it then and I know it know more than ever. Boomer will always be a part of my life, he made a huge impact while he was here and I'm sure he's having a great time wherever he is now. Though not many people got the opportunity to love him the way I did he was great all the same. So wherever you are now Boomer, this site is for you and all the other wonderful fuzzy ones who give us that special friendship that only comes from wet noses and fuzzy paws. Hope your having fun and keeping each other company till the rest of us get there. Heather

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