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Brandy, Tiger, Casper, and Taz

Welcom to the Catz home page. On this Page you will meet Brandy, a female calico domestic short hair, Tiger, a male tiger striped domestic long hair, Casper, a male white siamese/domestic short hair, and Taz, a female gray domestic short hair.

  • Brandy is a 7 year old spayed calico. She is quite special to me because I was there while she was born. Her mother and father were stray cats that lived around my friends neighborhood and we would feed them periodically. Brandy's mother must have liked the looks of my friends porch, because that's where she decided to have her kittens!! Shortly after the kittens where about 3 1/2 weeks the mother disappeared and never came back (we think she died)so we had to hand raise them. Then at about 6 weeks Brandy came to my house and has been here ever since.
  • Tiger is a 3 year old neutered male. He is our wonder cat! Tiger loves to FETCH. That's right you dogs, I said fetch. He has a special toy that is shaped like a kite that he will fetch. I throw his toy down the hallway, he runs after it picks it up and brings it back dropping it at my feet!!(hey, I didn't believe it the first time he did it either) We are thinking of video taping it and sending it in to "America's Funniest Home Videos", but that'll have to wait until he gets his spot on "Ripley's Believe It or Not"
  • Casper is a 2 year old neutered siamese mix. He came to us by mistake. He was actually intended to be a gift for a friend who had just lost a cat, but once we brought him home he was too lovable to give away!! (suckers!!) He loves to snuggle and will keep you warm all night long :O)
    And, last but not least.....
  • Taz is a 1 1/2 year old spayed gray female. She is the boss in the house.(aside from the ferrret of course) She enjoys perching up in her favorite window to take her cat nap. When she was younger her favorite thing to do was destroy the house! She ate many a hanging plant and did wonders to our poor door trim.(yes, she even had a scratch post) She has grown out of the destroying but we still have a problem with the trim!!!

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