Many people new to Malinois often are confused with why I
(and other breeders) require co-own on so many puppies. First let me
say, I am a breeder that loves this breed and respects it's diversity and
exceptional intelligence as well as it's downfalls.

This breed is not the dog for everyone and requires a lot of time and
attention to maximize their potential. I have found my puppies are better
suited to live in active families that have time to socialize and raise them
to be a part of the family. Because I love this breed and choose to take an
active part in breeding I can not keep all show and breeding quality
puppies. I can however offer them a loving caring family of their own to
grow and flourish in, and get individual attention that they would not get if
I were to keep a kennel of dogs.

I do not run a "kennel" and keep no more than 1-4 dogs in my household
at a time. They live in my home and are a part of my family.

For this reason and the fact that I breed so rarely I offer a reduced price
to co-own puppies I would like to maintain in my breeding program for
the future as well as those I feel are pet quality so they are not bred
without my knowledge or assistance (pets are sold on limited registration).

I am always here to answer any and all questions or problems a puppy
owner may have day or night. While I attempt to stay in touch with my
puppies I rely mostly on the new owner to send me updates and concerns
regarding their puppy.