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This is Destiny's Page. Destiny is a Labrador Retriever mix. She is almost 2 years old and is our baby girl. Destiny is a wonderful Obedience dog and finished first place in her sub novice obedience class. She Loves to play frisbee and will retrieve anything you toss at her. Destiny is our Special "Rescue" dog. She was abandoned at our vets office at 8 weeks after being kicked by a horse. Her entire pelvis was shattered and she had to have hip surgury to remove parts of her femur and hip socket. Destiny recovered wonderfully and was put up for adoption with us as her foster parents. Needless to say, she never left and she has been Daddy's little girl since :O)She has her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and we are looking to get her into a flyball class (just for fun) She lives to please and has been a wonderful addition to our home.

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