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Dixie and Missy are our "Rescue" dogs
  • Dixie is a 13 year old Golden Retriever mix. She has been with us since she was about 6 months. Dixie is slightly obese due to too many treats and table scraps when she was a pup. Besides her arthritis, she acts like a puppy at times and is as sweet as can be. Though it will be her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge soon she will surely be cherished while she is here, and sorely missed when she is gone.
  • Missy is a 7 year old terrier mix. Missy is the grouch of the group! No dog can get near her without hearing a grumble from her mouth. She has a short temper and has been known to put many dogs into there place. She is quite stubborn at times as well, but deffinately makes a good lap dog :O)

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