Outta This World Litter
Whelped 08/21/13
5 girls/4 boys
"Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another." ~Plato~
GCH/Dual CH Turicks Black Jack MX MXJ XF HXAs,d ROM I
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cardiac Normal, CERF, DNA profile
Luna Vitris Bohemia
HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, OCD neg., CERF, DNA profile
Co-Breeders: Heather Doucette &
Carolyn Kaiser
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We expect extremely biddable conformationally correct performance Malinois with this combination.
Jack is an exceptionally skilled male in both agility and herding and has a phenomenal temperament on
and off the field.
Luna is a stunning and smart import from
Vitris Bohemia Kennel. She is intelligent, agile, and strikingly
beautiful, possessing all of the things that a Malinois should be and Jack was a perfect match for her.
We are very pleased with our Celestial puppies!
Tbear & Turicks Sirius at Beowulf CD PCD BN
Terri Giannetti
CH. Tbears Solar Burst of Turick HT TD
Mary Phillips & (Heather and Carolyn)
Tbears Lucky Star of Turick OA OAJ NF CGC
Janis Spitzer
Turicks Stargazers Surprise of Tbear
Sara Michelin and John
AKC Maj ptd.Turicks Aurora Borealis of Tbear HSAs
Sara Michelin
CH. Tbears Ode to Andromeda of Turick CGC
Linda Lohdefinck
Turicks Star Fire of Tbear HSAsd  HIAsd HXAsd MX MXJ
Carolyn Kaiser
CH Turicks Twilight Temptation of Tbear PT HSAs
Nina Schlack & Carolyn Kaiser
Tbears Sunlit Stryver of Turick
Carolyn Homonko
The Boys
The Girls