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Phantom is a Bay Overo Paint Quarter Horse gelding. He was born April 5, 1997 and is a wonderful baby!! We purchased Phantom at an auction of all places(be careful as this can sometimes backfire) and he is my first horse. He was bred in North Carolina, and is registered with the APHA. His mother was Skipadee Libby (AQHA) an his father was Bold Chicks Nick (palomino/overo). Phantom's registered name is Head N' Holders. Phantom is extremely well behaved for his age. He is what they call a Splashed paint. This is an Overo that looks as if it has been "dipped" in a trough of paint with blue eyes. They have found that all splash paints tested have been deaf. He is easily catchable in the pasture in fact he walks right up to you. I thought at one point he understood voice commands such as, walk, trot, back and ho, but recently I noticed that he would not even acknowledge me when I would speak very loudly behind him, that is when I started researching deaf horses and found that he deffinately fits the description. He is very smart, and he will deffinately be a great riding horse and I can't wait!!!!! We have been working with him, and he is a joy to ride (well, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out :O) I am now looking into new tactics in training as now I realize he can't hear me :O( it kind of makes you feel stupid not being able to tell all this time, and I guess you just take for granted the fact that all animals can hear......

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