Malinois Photo Gallery
This is the Malinois Photo Gallery it is still under severe construction. I am hoping that this will allow new people to the breed as well as people who have been in the breed a while to research there dogs pedigrees and put a face to the dogs names especially of those that have foreign pedigrees. The pictures here right now are mostly of Dutch Malinois, but I am working on getting some more pics of Malinois around the world, specifically in the US. If you have any Malinois pics you'd like to contribute, or have any pics of "founding" malinois that are found frequently in pedigrees I would be more than happy to post them here. I hope to get a 3 gen pedigree, and breeder and owner names on each of the dogs that are put on this page but that will take some time and will be much later down the road.
Again the only way this gallery can work is if we all pitch in our malie pics and get it going.
Stenholdt Fancy
Lokkegardens Gorki
Lokkegardens Ienla Boholdt Tjaikovskij
Lokkegardens Gaston
Boholdt Ulrikke
Falkevangs Funder Falkevangs Fats
Boholdt Taco
Oudsabbinge Ivanvarak
Lokkegardens Gila
Kyno Van Balderlo
Adax Von Lowenfels Falkevangs Giraud
Boholdt Verdi
Hit de la terre aimee