T'Bears Boston Soxaholic
Whelped 01-23-05
Co-Owned Missing in NC
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This beautiful bitch was Co-owned with a lady by the name of Brigit Kellam
in NC.  After numerous failed attempts to locate Birgit and the two dogs of
mine that were given to her, I finally tracked her down last year only to find
out that this beautiful girl had ran away and not been recovered and that my
foundation male that she promised a forever home to had been SOLD!! She
avoided phone calls and e-mails of mine for over a year. I am not sure if
Birgit's story is in fact true about this little girl running away, however I
caution any breeder on selling her one of their dogs due to her lack of
honesty with me regarding this little bitch and my foundation male Dietz
wherabouts after she took custody of the animals.