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Teddy is a Belgian Malinois mix. Teddy came to us at about 8 weeks old. He was a stray and since he was so cute we couldn't resist taking him in. Little did we know that behind that cute little face lied destruction. Here is a run down of just a few things that Teddy found fun to do while mommy and daddy were away!!

  • Culligan Man: Chewing a hole in the waterbed matress, and Yes he delivered the water right to our door(hey, we needed to replace the carpet any way)
  • Watch Dog: Getting rid of the mini blinds that were hanging in the window (well duh, he couldn't see out)
  • Travel Agent: He almost made his way to China once on the backyard tunnel express.
  • And Finally Interior Decorator: He decided to redecorate the bed room with a toilet paper theme Teddy has mellowed out in his "old age" but we have him to thank for our discovery of this wonderful breed even if it was by accident :O)) Because Teddy was such a smart and destructive puppy, we decided it was obedience classes or he was out the door :O( (not really but we had to do something) and never doing obedience before with a dog it was a new experience for us,we loved it so much and he did so well that we decided to compete with him...unfortunatly we loved it more than he did and we decided to let him just be a house dog....but it was at these shows that people kept asking if he was a belgian....a belgian WHAT I would say.....so I started researching the breed and realized that he was more likely a mix than pure but had some belgian in him from somewhere, and that's is what started our love of this breed....I am actually glad he was so horrible as a puppy...he is a wonderful dog that has many more great years to go (even if he acts like a grandpa now :O)

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