Teddy Bear Malinois, located in Ocala, Florida since 1994, began with a mixed Belgian shepherd named Teddy. He was our first Belgian Shepherd and created our love of the Belgian Malinois. It is from “Teddy” that our name came to be, Teddy Bear Belgian Malinois. We use the prefix Tbears on all our AKC registered puppies names.

Over the years we have imported, bred, and owned dogs that have become National specialty winners, herding champions, top agility competitors, dock divers, rally and obedience dogs, search and rescue teams, and tracking dogs. 

As a preservation breeder, we put emphasis on correctly researching the health and temperament in all of the dogs we’ve used for breeding.  Researching Malinois lines for almost 30 years we are experts in Belgian Malinois pedigrees. We have achieved this by acquiring health and temperament information from breed mentors and skillful preservation breeders about their dogs, health testing all dogs used in breeding, keeping accurate notes and records, and  putting hands on hundreds of dogs over the years.

Our breeding program focuses on combining the finest show and working Malinois lines available. We produce sound, healthy, active,  Belgian Malinois for performance, work sport, and conformation venues. Our foundation import working lines have paved the way to a superior type, temperament, and structure that is seen in their offspring. Our plan is to produce stable, healthy Malinois with correct type, love of family, and willingness to please. We strive to create best friends for life.

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